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I'm Debbie Dyke, author of Financial Thrillers set in Washington DC and historic Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia.


Ponzi schemes. Bank meltdown. Insider trading. This money business is a blood sport and only the strongest survive.  In my novels, I explore the investment world and how it affects a small number of individuals on a local level. The plots are based on financial crimes; all are juicy tales financial intrigue that touch our lives each day. Forget about dry economic statistics and boring financial charts, I make this world easy to understand and fun.

First in a series of books is The Bloody Mary Club. There's heart stopping action, deception and financial intrigue. The all-women investment club meets in historic Old Town, Alexandria and faces off against greedy executives sitting on millions of dollars worth of stock options. Their financial security blanket is being ripped away. As the intrigue and violence escalates so does the vodka in their namesake drink, Bloody Marys. The ladies get smart fast and turn the tables on their predators who wants control of their stock by any means necessary – including murder!

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